A Quick Rant



 Just a quick note of frustration…

I’m in the post office the other day. It’s a busy time of day. There is a line almost out the door, and I’m in a hurry. I’m sure all of the customers were in a hurry to some degree or another. Very few folks I know desire to spend their time in the post office. So, anyway, I wanted to get in, conduct my business, and get out.

The employees there were clearly not in a hurry. Oh, my land, you’d have thought they were working under water. Every move an effort, every motion a decided and difficult task.

What really burned me is that there were only two desks open, and this was during the lunch rush. I could see quite a few other employees working in the back, behind the front desk.

Look, I’m just an average citizen, post office master, or whatever you’re called, but here’s an idea… bring the people in back up front, at least during the rush, and then let them go back to their jobs in back! It’s called customer service. It’s called good management.

To extrapolate, this is how I know Obamacare will never work, even though we HAVE to, in all fairness, insist on its implementation (I will explain in upcoming post). Government does only a few things well. Let me back up… there are only a couple of things that government should be doing in the first place, like waging wars and printing currency. For other activities, we need competition. Competition sharpens service and improves products. This then feeds demand, which then lowers prices. This, ultimately, lifts the standard of living for everyone, including liberal Democrats, though they will never give the free market credit for it.

I left the post office keenly aware of why we will eventually lose Saturday service, and why the post office itself it will eventually be a thing of the past. It will soon go the way of the phone booth and the buggy whip. Something better will come along. That’s called creative destruction. That’s the free market.

The United States Postal Service lost $16 billion in 2012, and I’m not so simpleminded that I blame poor customer service here locally for its eventual demise. But know this, postmaster, you’re not helping yourself. Your days of working like a slug in the mailroom are numbered, and justifiably so.


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  1. Joseph says:

    Popcorn farts (substance of this article)



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