Progress Made…


It is good to pause from time to time and assess progress. As I hoe my row, I look back occasionally to make sure my row is indeed straight.

I started this blog one month ago. There are now many members of the John Bach Army, for which I am thankful. The motto of the JWB Army is “Peace, Harmony and Sitting in the Shade.” I am especially close to my Black Ops Commander, my Four Star General, and my lowly Potato Peeler. They know who they are.

JWB has readers in over 60 countries, and counting. This includes a country named Jersey, which I had never heard of. I discovered that it is an island country, very small, off of the coast of France. That sounds like a nice place to live.

JWB is also read in the Russian Federation. I imagine it might be old Vladimir himself, in from a day’s bare-chested ride on his horse. He does seem to have slowed down his expansion program; perhaps the soothing tones of JWB readership have calmed him down a bit.

There are JWB readers in Pakistan and India as well. Maybe they could get together over coffee, or whatever they drink, and settle that Kashmir mess once and for all.

On the down side, some of the readership ain’t so kind. I have been called a liar. I have been called a loser. I have been called a freak. I have been called all kinds of unmentionables. The few Replies I allow through are the kinder ones. My trash is littered with expletives the like not seen or heard by many human ears. I am protective of my readers that way. Let’s just say there are some really disturbed folks out there, somewhere. They probably live alone. Loneliness breeds weirdness.

One more positive, though. JWB has been featured on, the most widely read independently run political blog in the state of Arizona. Progress is being made toward a full-time column there. Please visit them regularly.

Also, visit for updates anytime. Bottom line, the JWB Army is growing. Tell your friends. Contribute.

Most of all, thanks for reading.





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