Do Stop In Again…


I have adult ADHD, if there is such a thing. John Wilson Bach is a nom de plume, in case you didn’t know, but it is my nom de plume. I have enjoyed blogging, and I have had more reaction, quicker, than I thought I would. When the comments roll in, the ones that never see the light of day, the kooky ones, it makes me realize just how many freaks there must be out there. The good ship, Humanity, is listing.

At any rate – where was I? – oh yeah… with adult ADHD, it is difficult to finish tasks, and incredibly easy to start them. Within the past ten minutes, I have: looked for a cord for the wi-fi, drank coffee on the deck while inspecting my growing snap peas, rummaged through a desk for a notecard, checked my blog, prayed, talked with my wife, checked my phone for texts, and now I sit here trying to remember why I wanted the notecard. I need medication, increased concentration, or both.

The point? I am going to focus on a novel I started long ago. I have started five of them, and this one is the one I love. So I want to finish it. Hard to do that while trying to blog and drive traffic to the blog. Blogging without driving traffic is akin to writing a speech and then standing in an empty auditorium to present it. Not much fun. Driving traffic takes time, though, and even though it can be rewarding, I think time and effort will be better spent on the novel. We’ll see.

I’ll comment from time to time. Sometimes the urge to respond to the childishness of progressivism is too hard to resist. Please email me at Ciao for now.

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