Life As A Progressive



Day One: Something terrible happened. I awoke from a long slumber to discover that every conservative and libertarian had left the planet. Somehow I had been overlooked. I had been forgotten. This was a most horrible thing. Progressives were in control; they had gotten their way and transformed the world into what they had been pining for all along.

First thing I noticed was no sweet aroma from fried bacon wafting from the kitchen. It was wrong to have our fellow creatures, the pigs, give up their lives for our selfish appetites. I walked into the kitchen and the only thing available for me to eat was a small earthenware bowl half full of some sort of herbs. There was a label on the bowl that said, “Picked fresh this morning by a white person of European descent, preferably northern European descent. They’re the bad guys.”

I looked closer… “Also…

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3 Responses to Life As A Progressive

  1. Aidii O. says:

    Why you alwayd be hatin on black peoples! You ignernt cracker!

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  2. Dumbo says:

    John Box is the greatest writer I have ever read.


  3. Dumbo says:

    I am dumb



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