Border Cure

This whole southern border thing is out of control… that’s my expert analysis. Story after story of women and children – some children unaccompanied – pouring over the border by the thousands. There is no place to house them, so they end up getting transported (for free I imagine) to various cities around the U.S. It’s causing quite a stir.

Typical liberal response is that this country has always been the place where the tired and poor, the huddled masses, can aggregate, and in the freedoms we offer find new spark, become citizens, and melt into the big ol’ pot with the rest of us. It’s a wonderful ideal.

Some of our newest would-be citizens aren’t women or children at all, but are hardened thugs, sporting their tattoos freely, immediately getting into criminal mischief. Imagine that… illegals flaunting our laws! Reminds me of mass shooters who are actually willing to break our gun laws!

Now, I am no prognosticator of socio-eco-geopolical-enviro-pseudo-Latino trends, but I imagine that if the flood keeps coming, unabated, we are going to have to raise the minimum wage way higher than it is now so that we can lift these folks out of poverty.

Please understand, I do have compassion for these people – at least the women and children and upstanding men among them. Had I been born into destitute conditions down south, I too would be heading for the border. I wouldn’t send my five year old child unattended, but I imagine I would probably do what I needed to find a better life for my kith and kin.

For these people, I do not have the answer. John Wilson Bach is only so smart. If we let every poor person in, no questions asked, the U.S will just turn into another Third World country. At the same time we do have a moral obligation to help the needy. How do we help them?

As I said. I don’t know. Please email me with your suggestions. What I do know is that current policy isn’t working. What I do know is that this is happening as a direct result of poor policy from Washington.

If a politician says we cannot control our border, I do not believe him. I would instead propose an experiment. An experiment that I believe would be short-lived. Let’s have every illegal – man, woman, and child – board buses and be taken directly to Washington, D.C. Let’s unload said buses at the foot of Capitol Hill. I think before long, maybe in just a few hours, the border would somehow be secured. Almost as if by magic.

It’s kind of like judges who let criminals out on parole because they don’t have to live near them. I think a judge who lets a criminal out early should have to live next door to that criminal. Now, I know that’s not realistic, but you get my point. If thousands upon thousands of destitute women and children, and thugs, crowded the thoroughfares of our government’s home turf, lawmakers could quickly come to consensus to stop the madness.

I bet old Harry Reid – who said, “we are all the better for having hardworking new immigrants as contributing members of our communities… shopping as customers in our stores, paying taxes, and giving to local churches and charities,”   – why, he might even find a spot in his heart to take some of them into his house for a few nights. Even some RINO’s who serve no purpose other than getting reelected could put a few folks up for a night or two.

Were this experiment to take place, I picture a wall, thick and strong and 50 stories tall and tightly wrapped in concertina wire, suddenly arising in the desert from the Pacific Coast of California to the Gulf Coast of Texas. It would be a marvel how quickly that wall would appear. I can picture it. Of course, I can also picture law-abiding citizens living in peace and harmony and a Constitutionally-minded conservative occupying the White House. I can also picture… Alas, one can dream.

Nancy Pelosi, she of impeccable integrity, recently said, ““I wish I could take all those children home with me.”

I think that should be arranged.

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8 Responses to Border Cure

  1. Larry H says:

    You have some good ideas. You ramble a bit too much. Essay replete with sarcasm and cynicism.


  2. What a load of horse manure!


    • Really? Horse manure? Just in case you didn’t read the FIRST sentence I’ll repeat for ya, “This whole southern border thing is out of control… that’s my expert analysis.”
      Sounds accurate to me…


  3. Rick says:

    I made the same suggestion about the busses when Clinton let all the Cubans into Florida.
    Good article.


  4. says:

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  6. gunnerdad says:

    John they will never understand until it comes to their neighborhood. If the millions of poor outside of our borders are to be helped they must be helped in place. We can’t fund our own poor any more as the numbers rise and the economy goes nowhere as prices rise. As long as greed and the drug cartells run those Countries we can do little to help. First we must exterminate the Cartells and then help the people learn how to do something else for a living.
    Next a wall is ugly and easily circumvented. I would propose a canal. One large enough to allow ships of our Commerce and Navy to use to pass from the Gulf to the Pacific without going thru Panama. We could build one side and Mexico could build the other side. This could provide 100s of thousands of jobs for both Countries and be a real shot in the arm of the economy of both Countries. When complete it would provide a barrier that would be easily defended from illegals, drug smugglers and for sure the occational terroist. I understand the enormus cost to build it, but as we crap away Trillions of dollars and have little to show for it except a downsized military, struggling economy and overwhelming social services. Mexico haas all their oil revenue that they don’t spend on their people so it would be a win/win for everyone concerned.


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