S*itting Bull

As further evidence of the continued decline of our great republic, it is noted that a certain Native American, whose Indian name is Elizabeth Warren, is being considered by some as a POTUS candidate.

Now, Ms. Warren elicits none of the physical characteristics of a First Nations person, save her high and exotic cheekbones (note sarcasm). She looks to me to be a public school elementary principal (pity the children), or perhaps a bank teller, or DMV employee. No, this fine woman actually wields influence in the vaunted halls of our Congress.

Mostly, Senator Warren complains… about Wall Street, big business, successful people, those kind of folks. She decries individualism and capitalism. She complains about successful people, and has ironically used her shrill voice to become successful herself. Kind of like a Michael Moore of the political class, without the flabby paunch, or goofy hat. But with, as noted, those fabulous cheekbones.

Of course, no one in the media holds her responsible for her claim to be part Indian. Said claim helped secure her seat at Harvard, some say.

According to the Washington Post, “Warren first listed herself as a minority in the Association of American Law Schools Directory of Faculty in 1986, the year before she joined the faculty of the University of Pennsylvania Law School. She continued to list herself as a minority until 1995, the year she accepted a tenured position at Harvard Law School.” Furthermore, “The New England genealogical society clarified in a statement that it has found no proof of Warren’s self-proclaimed Native American lineage. The group also told The Globe that the candidate’s family is not listed in an early-20th century census of major tribes, known as the Dawes Rolls.”  Interestingly, when she applied to the University of Texas in 1981, she listed her ethnicity as “white.”

Elizabeth Warren, Senator from Massachusetts, will be running for POTUS in 2016. She says that she currently is not a candidate, and currently she isn’t. But power corrupts, and the clamor of the masses can be heady. I believe it is telling that she is being considered at all, proving further that the mass media-fed stupor of the liberal electorate is unfettered by sanity.

As noted elsewhere, “Sitting Bull (Tatanka Iyotake) was a fierce enemy of Anglo-Americans from a young age.” So it is with Ms. Warren. It is a worthy comparison of these two First Nations people. He, a fierce warrior and respected tribal elder. She, a shrieking squaw falsely grasping at greatness, while the liberal lemmings cheer her on.

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5 Responses to S*itting Bull

  1. Michael Hinchman says:

    Mr. Bach you are an unabashed asshole who should send in some demo tapes to Faux News.


  2. WashingtonSentry.com says:

    Reblogged this on The Washington Sentry.



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