Names Can Hurt Me…

I would like to take a moment or two and agree with some people I usually disagree with. Not that many folks care what I think about this, and not that it’s even in the news lately… but something about it being the pro football playoffs, combined with the fact that I have no radio to listen to in my car during my morning commute (I have too much time to think)…  these things lead me to think that The Washington Redskins should change their nickname.

They should. Even in light of faux white guilt and the current collective pseudo-sensitivity to all things racial – even with all of this – the Redkskins should be called something other than the Redskins. It is a derogatory and offensive term for a group of people, and it shouldn’t be used.

We would never call a sports team the Washington Honkys or Washington N– or Washington Yellowman. We wouldn’t. There would be a hue and cry amonsgt us. However, with the Redskins its seems that the only ones offended are certain Native Americans (don’t like the term but utilizing it here for clarity) and certain gamma males and hip, young, naive white people. Problem is, there aren’t enough of them to make a big enough stink to change it.

Point is, I wouldn’t care if there was a Washington Honkys or Washington Crackers or Washington Pasty-Faced, Can’t Jump, Don’t Have Rhythm White Boys. I really wouldn’t, even though I fit all of those descriptors.

Well, I do have a little bit of rhythm. Mama Bach likes it when a soul song comes on and Big Daddy Bach turns up the volume and then sends that sultry look at her and opens his arms and starts dipping his shoulders and swinging his hips and… well, anyway. Ahem. Where was I?

Oh yes, I really wouldn’t mind those nicknames for a sports team.

However, I can understand why people of Native American heritage DO take offense at the name, Redskins. Not Braves, not Indians, or Chiefs. Just something about Redskins doesn’t seem very nice.

Soooo… I have one issue here about which I agree with many liberals and progressives.

We soon part ways, though. Very soon. You see, while I find the name offensive, and I think it should be discontinued, I think the government has no place in MAKING anyone change it. It’s free speech. If enough people are offended, market forces will force the issue.

Imagine this…. a sports team owner starts up a pro football franchise in, say, Memphis. He owns the team, so he gets to name it. Let’s say he comes up with the name, Memphis Cotton Pickers. I imagine that is offensive enough for many, but he insists on it. Enough people raise their voices in protest, refuse to buy tickets, or watch on TV, etc. Soon, he’ll change the name all right to something more palatable to all.

Because he learned the error of his ways? No. Because he wants to sell tickets and make money.

So do the Redskins. If enough people complain, refuse to purchase tickets, buy merchandise, or otherwise spend money on the product, then the name will change.

But they won’t do that. Or at least they haven’t yet. Bottom line, not enough people care.

Yet here’s my complaint in this tiny forum. It’s offensive to me.

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