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Troubling News Of Constantine

Taken from the novel, Killing Of An Old Man, by John Wilson Bach My Dear Grandson, How are you, my boy? I call you a boy, though I don’t remember rightly when a toddler becomes a boy. I guess you … Continue reading

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Names Can Hurt Me…

I would like to take a moment or two and agree with some people I usually disagree with. Not that many folks care what I think about this, and not that it’s even in the news lately… but something about … Continue reading

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Some Republicans Make Me Want To Vomit.

As I sit here in the early evening on a cold winter’s night, it is comforting to take pleasure in some good economic news. Gas prices are down, significantly. $4.00 a gallon gas is a distant memory. Today, I paid … Continue reading

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S*itting Bull

As further evidence of the continued decline of our great republic, it is noted that a certain Native American, whose Indian name is Elizabeth Warren, is being considered by some as a POTUS candidate. Now, Ms. Warren elicits none of … Continue reading

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To A Dying Outlaw

“It seems to me,” the old man said, As he looked away out west. “To die out here beside my horse… It seems that would be best.”   “For many years I’ve spent upon My faithful stallion true, And I … Continue reading

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Letter Number Eleven, From… the Hospital

My Dear Grandson, It seems as if my most recent missives to you are so heavy and dark. I apologize for that. It reminds me of one of my mother’s favorite sayings, “A life is not all roses or thorns.” … Continue reading

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My Argument For Gun Control

I have come to believe in gun control. That’s right. Me, stolid conservative that I am, strict constitutionalist with a thin glaze of libertarianism. I believe in gun control. I believe it is vitally important that one learns and practices … Continue reading

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