Some Republicans Make Me Want To Vomit.

As I sit here in the early evening on a cold winter’s night, it is comforting to take pleasure in some good economic news. Gas prices are down, significantly. $4.00 a gallon gas is a distant memory. Today, I paid $1.95 at the pump. A minimum wage job can now support buying over 4 gallons of gas for every hour worked. Woo hoo, good news. Of course, if the local, state, and feds would tax less, it could pay for even more.

Surely, things are looking up in America. Who gets the credit…

“Senator Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has a message for Americans reveling in a spate of encouraging news on jobs, gas prices, economic growth, and insurance coverage: You’re welcome.”

This is when I head to the bathroom to visit Uncle Ralph in his Buick.

Are you serious, Senator McConnell? You took office in January of 1985. 30 years ago. The national debt at that time was 1.82 trillion. It is currently 17.82 trillion. That’s in excess of $500 billion added, per year, for every year you have been in office. Now, I wasn’t paying real close attention in Civics class, but I do remember something about Congress having some sort of authority regarding spending. I don’t really know. I’m just a regular schmoe out here in flyover country, but 17 trillion dollars seems like a whole lot to me.

So why would I thank you, Republicans, for the items you listed?

  1. Job growth? Too busy working to decide whether you did that or not. Cut taxes on wages.
  2. Gas prices? Seems like I read that OPEC didn’t cut production and that the oil price drop, while enjoyable (except for those frackers out in North Dakota losing their jobs… see number 1 above), will be temporary. Gas will go up. Cut the fuel taxes.
  3. Economic growth? Did GDP go up recently? Is the quantitative easing really equivalent to growth? Cut taxes.
  4. Insurance coverage? You are taking credit for, I assume, the passage of Obamacare? Do you really want to claim that? Cut taxes.

Cut taxes, Senator. You and your ilk, cut taxes.

Cut taxes.

Next time you’re feeling good about your work in Washington, Republicans, take a look at this…

Pretty to look at, in a quixotic way, but sobering.

The Democratic response is typically humorous, of course.

“Democratic National Committee spokesman Mo Elleithee told reporters in a statement, ‘The fact is, under President Obama we’ve had 57 straight months of private sector job growth leading to nearly 11 million jobs added. All Republicans have given us is a government shutdown that cost the economy $24 billion. I get why he (McConnell) wants to take credit for the economic recovery. But maybe he should first do something to help contribute to it.’”

Here’s the deal. Democrats are children. Those Kentuckians who sent you to Washington, Senator McConnell, need you and the other Republicans to be adults. Not to be RINO’s or to cater to special interests, but to cater to your Constitutionally-limited role as a federal government.

Cut taxes. Quit spending money. Then take credit.

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One Response to Some Republicans Make Me Want To Vomit.

  1. Marshall Bolt says:

    “Uncle Ralph in his Buick” – classic!! Ahhh the romance of ignorance and self-preservation; it is perplexing. “Cut Taxes” – John Wilson Bach I would vote for you.



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