Report From The Pit


I have grown weary. I have been down into an open pit of vitriol. My goal was to wrestle with liberal thinkers about their ideas on abortion, tax rates, Obamacare… the usual fodder. What occurred was not open dialogue. The ones who scream the loudest that I am a “hater” are the ones doing the “hating.” These comments were directed at me by those who accuse me of being hateful. Read for yourself… *warning: explicit language.


“You can’t be serious? Legalized infanticide? Grow a uterus and then we can talk. Basically what the ACA does is regulate the health insurance industry. Not allowing them to discriminate against people with prior health conditions, and from dropping people when they get sick with something serious. I’m sorry how does that change your life so drastically that you can’t support your fellow countrymen from improving their lives? No death panels forming but a lot less people dying needlessly because people are too selfish to care about the common good anymore! What the hell happened to caring about others without demanding to make all their decisions for them?”


“I think it’s because so many Republicans have been brainwashed to think that abortion=killing babies and all liberals are thus baby killers. If you really believe that, then that may seem more important than real live actual people get healthcare so that they don’t die. But I have NEVER, not once, been able to get a anti-choice (they are NOT pro-life!) explain how eating meat is ok, death penalty is ok, wars for oil are ok, but ending a pregnancy is the end of the world. Brainwashed.”


“Unless you secretly are a hermaphrodite, and possess both sex organs, shut the fuck up. No one here will believe the bullshit you’re peddling. Oh, did I hurt your feelings asserting my equality? Get over the fact you can’t have my husband or father take me out and beat me for asserting my equality. Too bad I’m not considered chattel anymore. Do us all a favor and move to Saudi Arabia, seems like they have a political climate more to your liking.”


“John Bach, there are stages of development in uteri. Zygote, Embryo, Fetus and when a viable life, we call it a baby. When you refer to a Zygote as a baby, I assume it’s for political reasons and I also assume that you believe you should be the one speaking for God. Excuse us, but we aren’t willing to give you that authority.”


“It ain’t no baby til it’s born… read your Bible.”


“These Bible thumpers didn’t read Genesis so well did they…Adam was just a bunch of formed clay till God ‘breathed’ life into it, as the allegory goes.”


“John, ok so since you are not a vegetarian, you don’t support all “life” so we can take away that claim. How do you decide which life is “OK” to kill and which is not? HOW?”


“Where’s the line John? People and cute/smart animals and zygotes= not ok to kill, but yummy animals and foreigners ok to kill? What about murderers, they go below the line too right? So zygotes still more protected by you than tasty animals, people in foreign countries and “guilty” people? What about real life living women with rights? Are they above that line? Does the zygotes’ need to incubate outweigh her life?”


“John, you just don’t get it. Just because you want to live your life by the “scriptures” doesn’t mean that everyone else has to. That’s called separation of church and state. By wanting to take away my choice to do what I want with my body you are trying to force me into becoming chattel again. You are trying to force your religious beliefs on me, that is illegal and morally wrong. If you don’t like abortion don’t get one. Just remember the separation of church and state protects you too. We aren’t talking about abortion. We are talking about the republicans destroying our country.”


“John, Please shut up about abortion. It isn’t any of your business what women do with their bodies. Stop trying force your religion onto the rest of our population. It’s disgusting and it shows you for the weak minded, selfish, cold hearted, evil person that you really are.”


“The sooner your kind dies out the better for humanity as a whole. Until then I will keep fighting against the ignorance and injustice you and your kind represent.”


“I think the Republicans bring up abortion because it’s the only grey area they have. They know that this is their ONLY possible moral high ground (and that’s very debatable). They hate the poor, hate people who aren’t white, hate hungry children, etc….so they cling to the “you’re killing babies” mantra.”


“And yes, John, STFU. Your vagina is….oh wait. You don’t have one.”


“John many of us know who you are and have argued with other conservatives in the past. We know what you people want and we know who you are. We aren’t fooled by your facetious piety.”


“Hey, John Bach, I don’t think you get to define what is or what is not a baby according to your beliefs.”


“My rights and my body… cannot be voted on or taken away by you. That’s why we call them rights. Now go away old troll. You are seen for what you really are.”


(One “debater” even managed to get a slam in against Ronald Reagan)…

“Ha, old Ronnie baby, the fellow that started us on this road shit his pants and didn’t know his name the last two years he was in office, geez.”


“Bush finished the job and left our kids and grand kids a bowl of crap and the teabaggers like John want to give the rest to the 1% , like they don’t already have about 90% of the wealth in the country.”


“John Bach, Republicans suck.”


“Oh, did I mention that Republicans suck?”


“Republicans hate the disabled.”


“Republicans love war but hate veterans.”


“Republicans hate the poor.”


“Republicans hate gays.”


“Republicans hate Mexicans.”


“Hey, I understand. Republicans hate everything but they love war and zygotes. Got it.”


“Putting women down is what Republicans seem to do best these days.”


“Oh John, what about foreign babies? Is it ok to kill them?”


“We are killing babies all over the world. So is that OK?”


“It would suck to be a Republican. So much to hate and so little time.”


“The Bible doesn’t talk about abortion, but it does say when a human being’s life begins.”


“You won’t be anywhere around when I’m talking to God because Republicans will go straight to hell.”


I have concluded that sometimes there is no middle ground. How do we compromise with these types? Why would we? It is true, as I have read, when a society takes God and His truth out of the equation (as if that’s possible), the resultant vacuum does not fill in with peace and harmony. It fills in with evil and hatred and oppression. Peace only comes from the Prince of Peace.

A few of my final words to one particular combatant were as follows: “Think about it. Abortion is legal. Your party has the White House and the Senate. Obamacare is the law of the land. (I believe gender pay gap is a false comparison, but I’ll cede that one). You are winning the gay “marriage” battle. No, you don’t have every victory, but you have some major ones. You should be tickled pink!! Why are you so angry? I don’t believe you will EVER be happy because God did not create us to be happy while killing our babies. It’s a ludicrously insane proposition, the scourge of this nation! 6 million Jews killed in the Holocaust? Horrible. 50 million Americans killed – in their mothers’ wombs – since 1973 Roe v. Wade? There is no adequate adjective to describe that. You aren’t fighting Republicans – they are wrong on a lot of issues. It’s not about party affiliation. God did not create men to have sex with men, and women with women. You are not fighting people from your past who hurt you. You are not fighting me. You will never be happy because you are fighting your Creator.”

UPDATE: Just this morning, a beautiful spring morning, I might add… cool air, birds joining in the song of praise to their Creator, trees starting to bud – This, from a liberal, referring to Rush Limbaugh: ” Fuck off and die Limburger.”

Liberals are the most unhappy, hateful people I know.



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6 Responses to Report From The Pit

  1. six guns says:

    Very well said Mr. Bach. I am impressed.


  2. ohsammy says:

    All of comments from readers in article are right. Only the fool thinks not



    I saw them tearing a building down
    A team of men in my hometown.
    With a heave and a ho and a yes yes yell,
    they swung a beam and a sidewall fell.
    And I said to the foreman, “Are these men skilled?”
    “Like the ones you’d use if you had to build?”
    And he laughed and said, “Oh no, indeed…
    the most common labor is all I need…
    for I can destroy in a day or two
    what takes a builder ten years to do.”

    So I thought to myself as I went on my way…
    Which one of these roles am I willing to play?
    Am I one who is tearing down as I carelessly make my way around?
    Or am I one who builds with care, in order to make the world a
    little better… because I was there?

    Author Unknown


  4. ohsammy says:

    There is no right and no wrong


  5. JRS says:

    There is absolutely no point in debating. Jesus did not debate. He stated facts from the position of authority and then if the others did not accept it He moved on. He stated the Synagogue of Satan would stick around and debate a potential pupil until he was more wicked than themselves.

    Satan uses the premise of a debate to brow-beat his victims with lies and half-truths, and get a wedge into their souls. For instance there’s no debate on abortion except as a wedge to get someone to accept murder of babies in the womb. Group consensus is Satan convincing part of Creation to accept his tyrannical ownership.

    God has allowed Satan’s plans to mature to the spoiling point so every one can plainly see he is a tyrant and either choose that or embrace Jesus Christ.



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